How no-code tech can empower banks to transform small business lending

Transform your SMB lending business with an end-to-end
no-code Loan Origination System


Online application journey

Digitized KYC/KYB

Embedded integration with 3rd parties for intelligent automation

Deeper and faster underwriting

Automated decisioning engine

Digital signing, closing, and booking

Analytics and reporting for better insights

In today’s rapidly evolving small and medium-sized business (SMB) landscape, there is an urgent need for Financial Institutions (FIs) to digitize and innovate rapidly. Borrowers are no longer willing to wait for weeks and months to receive credit. They have unique and diverse requirements that institutions with one-size-fits-all models cannot adequately cater to.

The software environment needs to be more agile to meet the growing demands for speed, accuracy, convenience, and security.

CredAcc’s no-code Loan Origination System enables FIs to launch innovative, lending products in just hours and days. With intelligent automation, open banking APIs, and AI-backed processes, FIs can save up to 75% of the time that goes into manual loan processing, resulting in significant efficiency gains.

Modernize lending operations on a highly configurable, end-to-end platform to increase revenues and reduce expensive software development cycles and credit losses.

Key takeaways

How forward-thinking FIs can scale and expand to new markets without cumbersome processes by leveraging no-code APIs

Benefits of leveraging no-code for building loan products for all loan types

Benefits of automated no-code lending platforms

By the numbers:
The power of no-code

Credit decisioning time reduced by 60%

Loan disbursements in less than 24 hours

Operating cost reduction by 50%

Credit-loss rate reduction by up to 30%

Revenue boost by 20+%