Your small business customers can win big with digitized, no-code lending

Slower loan disbursements

Manual, tedious lending processes prone to human errors take up to months for loan disbursements

Disconnected customer relationships

Customers today in a digital-first market want faster credit, better loan products, and a superior user experience contextual to their evolving needs

Inflexible legacy tech

Heavy legacy infrastructures with outdated and disparate tech obstruct true digitalization

Slower credit risk decision

Heavy reliance on outdated, inflexible credit models, limited data sources, and manual underwriting leads to slower credit decisioning and loan disbursement

Growing competition

Tech-forward companies are reaching traditional community bank customers and taking away wallet share by constantly upgrading and automating lending operations to serve increasingly digitally savvy customers
Onboard customers easily and integrate all origination sources by connecting them with your existing apps through APIs
Automated Screening
Identify and verify fraud with a ready-to-use comprehensive identity verification
Verify identity and identify fraud with market leading ready-to-use built-in KYC/KYB and fraud tools
Gain granular insights with AI-accelerated modules for precise and accurate credit decisioning
Loan Servicing
Choose from a wide range of repayment frequencies, amortization methods, interest calculation methods, and charges
Deliver a superior customer experience by simplifying digitized borrowing through rapid innovation on your terms
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Enable AI-based automated credit decisioning:

Leverage more data to get faster credit approval workflows with better, deeper credit decisioning and intelligent automation.


Disburse faster credit:

Speed up lending process by eliminating tedious manual work for significantly faster loan disbursement.


Build lending products on the go:

Build highly responsive lending products on the go. Get faster time-to-market to meet the contextual needs of your SMB customers.


Enhance lending experience:

Make SMB lending delightful both for your customers and teams. Win more deals, reduce costs, increase productivity, and bolster profitability to stay competitive and resilient.
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