Unleash the power of data-driven underwriting to make better, faster, and more informed decisions
Bureau credit report
API integration with credit bureaus for seamless access to reports, including CIBIL scores, ongoing loans, and payment histories, to enhance credit underwriting. The platform supports PDF document uploads and direct fetch from the credit bureaus.
Digital bank statement analyser
Streamlined assessment of savings, current, cash credit, and overdraft accounts, offering a comprehensive view of the customer's financial profile.
Financial statement automation
API integration with the ITR to spread the data in the financial statement analyzer. With customer consent, the system directly retrieves essential data, allowing automatic computation of ratios like liquidity and leverage.
Monthly purchase ledger analysis
Corporate-customer transaction history analysis guided by predefined rules to recommend credit limits, streamlining decision-making in credit management.
Credit rule engine
No-code rule engine with numerous variables to generate internal credit scores with inputs from financial statements, historical customer transactions, ITR, credit bureau, and bank statements to determine credit limit eligibility.
Leads and sales collaboration
Seamless interaction between credit and sales teams to ensure efficient customer servicing and onboarding.
Document repository
Centralized document repository to stores crucial uploads such as PAN, GST returns, and bank statements for comprehensive visibility.
Verification hub
Verification section for allowing validation of documents from source databases through APIs.

Integrations for detailed credit assessment

  • GST sales and purchase data to understand financial discipline
  • Bank statement data to understand transaction discipline
  • Bureau credit report to understand credit discipline

Reduce fraud with comprehensive, automated, AI-enabled ID checks

  • Automated rule-based decisioning via built-in data integrations
  • Instant borrower PAN and GST verification with automated ID checks, enabling straight-through approvals
  • Risk-based scorecards with fraud, banking, and other financial data for instant credit decisions
Efficient servicing and onboarding for better customer experience
Better-defined workflows and automation for underwriting consistency
Robust credit assessments
Significant expansion of counterparties analysed by accessing more data from multiple sources
Better, faster, more accurate decisions
Comprehensive visibility of crucial bank statements
Reduced fraud and defaults
Increased productivity and time saved
Scalability to run 1000s of dealer and vendor invoices
Highly configurable, user-friendly platform
Credit decisioning time reduced by 60%
Operating cost reduction by 50%
Credit-loss rate reduction by up to 30%