With our tech-first approach, we enable Financial Institutions to deliver hyper-personalized, innovative, and data-driven lending solutions for superior borrower experiences.

Digital Onboarding

Loan Origination

Fraud Prevention


Decisioning & offers

Loan Management

Loan Servicing

Risk Management

Intelligent automation
End-to-end, unified lending process
Save time & expensive IT development costs
Rapid lending products
Build lend products on the go without any IT intervention
100% paperless & 24x7 access
Highly configurable
Intuitive and easy-to-setup with pre-built modules
Open Banking APIs
Faster, better, deeper underwriting & credit decisioning
AI-accelerated automation
Pre-built modules for borrower creditworthiness
Automated screening
Pre-built verification sequence for reduced frauds & defaults
Credit decisioning time reduced by 60%
Loan disbursements in less than 24 hours
Operating cost reduction by 50%
Credit-loss rate reduction by up to 30%
Revenue boost by 20+%

Host all your teams, products, customers and partners on a single end-to-end platform


Sales Team

Lead sourcing & onboarding:
Configure CredAcc's platform for multiple sales channels

Product Team

Innovation & revenue building:
Customize, test & launch lending products in days

Credit Team

Accurate Underwriting decisions:
Process & analyse more data from multiple sources

Maximize profitability with
CredAcc's end-to-end
no-code Loan Origination &
Management Software

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