CredAcc saves 75% of the time that goes into manually processing KYC forms and small business loan applications. Our automated cloud-based loan processing system with highly configurable features can seamlessly adapt to your existing processes. Set workflow rules and borrower eligibility policies to save time and eliminate human error.

CredAcc lets you improve margin and increase revenue through its intelligent automation of the entire lending process.
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Screen customers in minutes CredAcc’s pre-built verification sequences confirm borrower information with smooth KYC and fraud detection tools integrated in our automated loan processing system. Scan account transactions in seconds When your loan applicant consents to share their digital bank statement data directly from the bank or via PDF, CredAcc reads the digital transactions within seconds and produces powerful credit behavior insights that can be applied to automatic credit decisioning.
Access credit records with ease CredAcc integrates with leading credit bureaus to give you quick credit records for making sound underwriting decisions. Get filed returns CredAcc’s pre-built modules integrate with Internal Revenue Service and leading accounting software to get you filed returns and financial statements of your customers.
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Create and improve lending workflows with automated lending software that suits your customers’ business requirements. Gain better control over risks by eliminating manual and tedious lending processes.
Create credit control rules across a range of application parameters. Generate an aggregate view of credit policy compliance and exceptions. Record evidence of mitigation of exceptions.
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CredAcc's API driven architecture enables you to link it with other banking software seamlessly. Add your choice of new features and configurations within minutes instead of months. Innovate based on your customers’ expectations with our no-code design and configurable microservices architecture. Modify payment frequencies and interest structures to help your borrowers efficiently manage their finances.
CredAcc’s cloud-based lending software gives you the complete power to customize your lending products. Choose any configuration you like from a wide range of options that includes:
    Term Loans
    Invoice Discounting
    Collateral Based Lending
    Merchant Cash Advance
    Custom Products
    Limit Based Product
    Channel Financing
    Equipment Finance
    Vendor Financing
Set up new origination and underwriting workflows in minutes with CredAcc’s integrated modules and robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities.
Control the entire loan lifecycle with CredAcc’s intelligent rule engine and intuitive user interface. Define and manage policy rules, calculate eligibility, and set risk-based pricing.
Create unique and granular access permissions for different user groups with CredAcc’s role-based access management system. Monitor system access logs for security and compliance.
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CredAcc complies with SSAE SOC2 reporting standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Our end-to-end and secure lending solutions help you create, implement and maintain all your customer data and lending security protocols in a protected cloud environment.
Access Controls Configure and manage granular access rights of your internal and external users with CredAcc’s access control module.
User Account Protection All CredAcc’s applications support two-factor authentication, device identification, access location tracking, and password aging controls to ensure secure loan solutions.
Data Encryption CredAcc encrypts your data at rest when stored on a filesystem using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and also in transit when actively used or transmitted between applications and servers using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption with strong ciphers.
Network Security CredAcc uses virtual firewalls to control incoming and outgoing traffic to your applications, servers, and databases hosted on your virtual private cloud (VPC). We comply with the principles of least privilege, role-based permissions, and give limited access to only whitelisted IP addresses.
24/7 Availability CredAcc uses industry-leading cloud monitoring services to track the performance of its servers and databases and ensures 24/7 accessibility and availability to provide uninterrupted and secured loan solutions.
Security Incident Handling We regularly scan the infrastructure to detect vulnerabilities, monitor unusual network traffic, and generate alerts in case of a malicious attack.
Quality Assurance CredAcc platform goes through stringent functional testing, code reviews, performance testing, load testing, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing to ensure the highest QA standards for all its software releases.
Continuous Process Monitoring CredAcc monitors all events on its infrastructure. Applications maintain audit trails to track status changes and configuration changes of entities.
Disaster Recovery Application data, stored on resilient storage, is replicated across multiple availability zones. In case of a disaster, traffic transfers to a secondary availability zone, which takes over the operations smoothly with minimal or no downtime for your business.
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Unify your customers, employees, and partners with a complete lending solution
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Configure CredAcc’s platform for multiple sales channels — branch relationship managers, field and digital sales team, third-party/broker channels, and more. Collect all your leads on one platform. Let your team manage their tasks 24/7, even remotely with cutting-edge software for loan origination. Your sales team and partners can:
    Add and track existing customer leads
    Create and manage various loan origination and account management tasks
    Initiate and submit applications on behalf of your customer
    Track the status of existing applications
Customize, test, and launch small business lending products within days. Reduce your development costs. Create new workflows in hours and automate loan management without writing a single line of code. Your product team can:
    Customize products and workflows using our in-built admin console
    Set up underwriting policies and qualifying criteria in the underwriting rule engine
    Customize product properties like type, rate of interest, application stages, repayment structure, and more
    Modify product parameters based on changing business requirements
CredAcc processes and analyzes KYC/CIP information, bureau records, bank statements, accounting statements, tax returns, and more data. This information helps your underwriting team make faster, informed and accurate decisions. They can easily set up fully automated and customized underwriting workflows and include manual handovers if required. Your credit team can:
    Request and access applicant data required for credit processing
    Eliminate manual data entry and financial spreading processes
    Auto analyze loan applications for straightforward automated approval
    Make smarter, faster, and better underwriting decisions
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Administrative teams can easily create users, user groups and assign them permissions based on specific access privileges. They can also track processes across the loan portfolio to ensure compliance with Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Your administrative team can:
    Add new users to the platform in seconds
    Configure roles to create unique access groups with associated data access permissions
    Monitor and download system access logs for security and compliance
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