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Smooth origination

Streamline the information flow between sales, credit, customer support, operations, and processing teams.

Faster customer onboarding

CredAcc’s leading KYC, fraud checks, and automated customer screening processes save time and eliminate human error.

Adaptable rule engine

Define and set rules for loan eligibility, risk-based pricing, credit control, and other processes in the loan cycle.

Accurate underwriting

AI-accelerated pre-built modules gauge the creditworthiness of the borrowers with accurate and granular insights.

Flexible loan servicing

Create new loan products with highly configurable terms.

Simplified workflow automation

Automate and streamline the complete loan origination and underwriting process to give your customers an unparalleled experience.

Secure access management

CredAcc’s role-based access management system creates unique permissions for different user groups.

Comprehensive collateral creation

CredAcc supports secured small installment loans and lines of credit. Manage varied types of collateral - real estate, equipment, liquid assets, and many others.

Simplifying lending

Accelerating outcomes

We’ll set up origination and underwriting workflows, define and manage policy rules, and set eligibility calculations. You just focus on innovating and growing your business without investing a lot of time and money.

Lending Challenges

CredAcc Solutions

Operate and collaborate with remote teams across multiple siloed loan products
Host all teams and products on a single platform
Limited access to quality data for underwriting
Pre-built integration with data from industry-leading sources
Increased operations costs
AI-based automation drastically reduces time and operations costs
Depend heavily on manual processing
100% paperless processing and 24/7 access
Slow to adapt to market and technology change
Innovate at your desired pace with configurable modules
High default rates on loan portfolios
Reduce default rates with a comprehensive view using proprietary algorithms

End-to-End Platform

Get pre-built modules across loan origination, underwriting, and loan servicing. Be agile with third-party data integration. Manage all your products on a single platform.

Automated Lending Process

Increase credit processing speed with automated KYC and fraud checks, powerful credit behavior insights, instant credit records, and accurate financial data.

Cost-Effective Scaling

Add new features and configurations based on customers’ expectations. Stay away from the trouble of costly upgrades to your systems and infrastructure.

Data Security

Keep all your customer data and lending security protocols in a secure cloud. We encrypt your data, take regular backups, and ensure 24/7 tracking of servers and databases.